Nature Photography of the White Mountains

Shaun Terhune

August 11, 2022  7pm


Venture with Shaun Terhune on a visual journey through his world of nature photography. Experience hiking in the pre-dawn to remote forests off the beaten path to search for wildlife, or to the mountain’s edge for a magical panoramic sunrise. Feel the wonderment in that particular moment when the light is perfect, a subject appears in the lens, and that magical shot is captured.

Shaun will share about his work in the White Mountains, key strategies, and useful tips for those interested in nature photography, as well as the essential gear and how he has simplified it over time. You’ll also see a number of exhibits of how he has transformed his photos into art, both visually and poetically.

Bio: Shaun Terhune is a full-time wildlife and landscape photographer in the White Mountains as well as a passionate conservationist. His creative talent has been published or featured in books, magazines, and publications such as Wanderlust USA, National Geographic, and others. He now owns and operates the Shaun Terhune Fine Art Photography Gallery on Main Street in Littleton. Growing up in a log home in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, Shaun’s love for nature and the outdoors became deeply engrained in his passions and professional pursuits.

After college, his professional life as a geologist provided opportunities to work in the Canadian Arctic, the North Slope of Alaska, and the American Southwest where he employed some of the most advanced imaging cameras in the world. Still, his personal camera always accompanied him. In the course of time, photography in all of its artistic expressions became a full-time pursuit, and eventually Shaun became a guide for National Geographic in Yellowstone and Yosemite National Park. Today, Shaun’s focus is exclusively on the White Mountains, and his gallery at 39 Main Street in Littleton features many of the landscapes and wildlife of the region.

photos courtesy of Shaun Terhune