Garland Mill: Water Powered for 164 Years

Dana Southworth


Hear the incredible story of Lancaster’s water-powered sawmill,  built 5 years before Abe Lincoln became president.

Garland Mill was built in 1856 by Eben Crocket Garland.  This mill, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is a rare survivor of the type of water-powered sawmill that flourished by the thousands in nineteenth-century New England. It is the only commercial sawmill in New Hampshire that operates solely by waterpower. 

The coming of the railroad to the Lancaster area in the 1870’s provided a market for Garland Mill’s products. But the construction in 1887 of the Kilkenny Railroad, a logging line, to the very headwaters of the Garland Brook quickly depleted the timber supply upon which the Garland Mill depended. In 1888, Charles Garland, Eben’s son, sold the Garland Mill to William Alden. In 1974, the sawmill was sold to Tom Southworth. Tom and his brother Harry operated the mill, eventually selling it their sons Ben and Dana.  Today, this venerable mill supplies timber frame stock for their post & beam constructions. 

In addition to this program, a field trip to the mill is planned for the next day, Friday Aug. 13th at 4:00.  Join Dana and Ben Southworth as they show off their unique and historic treasure.

Note: Please pre-register for the Field Trip by emailing WSPA at, and include the word “Mill” in the subject line.  Details and directions to the mill will be emailed to you.

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Event Report

Garland Mill - August 12, 2021


Brett Beliveau

This program was sponsored by the Beliveau family. Brett Beliveau spoke about how his father, Joe, loved Garland Mill. The Beliveau family also picks up the cost of tours at the museum during the last week of June each year.   Thank you so much for your generosity.

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Dana Southworth

Dana Southworth is not only a wealth of information about this 164 year old water-powered sawmill, but he radiates a passion and love for this family-run treasure.  It is now listed in the National Register of Historic Sites. Thank you so much Dana - a wonderful presentation.


Twilight on the Tower

At twilight the tower was catching some of the glow in the sky.

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View from the west overlook

The sky over Martin Meadow Pond was breathtaking. It was a special evening at Weeks State Park. Thank you to the Beliveau family and to Dana Southworth and his projectionist/technician son, David.