Islay Mist Céilidh

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The Islay Mist Céilidh  (pronounced Eye-lee and Kay-lee) is a group of  musicians from Northern New Hampshire who play traditional Celtic music from Scotland, Ireland and maritime Canada. 

The members of the ensemble perform with fiddles, flutes and whistles, bodhráns, harps and guitars. 

Their repertoire includes centuries-old tunes, Scottish country dance music, jigs, reels, waltzes and strathspeys.  Many of the members wear the tartans of their family heritage. 

A Céilidh is a popular gathering in many Celtic countries, perhaps in your granny's kitchen, where everyone is expected to contribute to the evening's entertainment.  

The members of the Islay Mist Céilidh live and work in towns of Northern New Hampshire.  They enjoy presenting this wonderful Celtic repertoire and bringing pleasure to others. 


Event Report

Islay Mist Céilidh

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After our Annual Meeting, everyone at the lodge enjoyed an evening of wonderful Gaelic music by Islay Mist Céilidh.

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The members of the group live and work in northern New Hampshire. It's a special group and it was a treat to hear them up close in the great room.

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It was hard to tell who was more excited, the audience or the performers. This was their first concert in over a year because of the pandemic and it was clear that they relished being back together making music.

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Last week the skies were clearer at the Park but this kind of weather seemed much more fitting for the music of Scotland and Ireland.

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These instruments also seemed quite appropriate for the great room at the lodge - especially the magnificent harp.

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WSPA's Art Hammon was featured on flute. Art had two different ones with different key positions. How does he keep that straight in his mind...and fingers?

Many thanks to Islay Mist Céilidh for making such beautiful music in a beautiful, historic setting.