Big Trees of Northern New England

Kevin Martin

August 4, 2022  7pm


Do you know New Hampshire is home to five national champion “Big Trees?” These are the largest examples of their species discovered nationwide.  New Hampshire hosts the largest tamarack, Carolina silverbell, pitch pine, red pine, and pin cherry in the entire USA.

Wooden boatbuilder and outdoorsman Kevin Martin, will be showing and discussing these trees as described in his new book Big Trees Northern New England. You will hear how he got involved with finding the trees, how lumber from similar trees is used in his boat building work, and how wildlife will use these impressive parts of our landscape. The discussion will cover trees on public land in all parts of the state and where they are located so you can go see them for yourself.

Kevin brings you through the woods and into some cities all over the region to find these impressive living parts of our landscape. Some of the hikes include New Hampshire’s largest northern white cedars in Clarksville that have been marked by bears for generations and the horse chestnut in Portsmouth that was planted by a signer of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Books will be available after the presentation for those interested.