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WSPA's 40th Anniversary recently celebrated!

The special cake shown in the photo above was baked for the festive occasion to mark the 40th year since our Association was formally organized. The celebration took place during our annual meeting held at Weeks State Park’s summit house on August 24, 2023.

A large crowd was in attendance to enjoy the refreshments, presentations and informative talks by State Officials: Brian Wilson - Director, NH State Parks, Matt Flanders - Bureau Chief, NH Historic Sites, Elizabeth Jurgilewicz - Program Specialist, WSPA President - Sally Pratt and Weeks State Park Manager, Rachel Bruce. NH Executive Council counselor, John Kenney also offered his valuable insight from both an historical and current perspective concerning his efforts in enhancing awareness and support of Weeks State Park for the legislature and other government groups.

In the photo below, WSPA President, Sally Pratt, receives a certificate of gratitude on behalf of the Association which was issued by the NH Department of Natural & Cultural Resources for WSPA's 40 years of service.

left to right - Rachel Bruce, Brian Wilson, Sally Pratt, Janet Wittenauer and Matt Flanders - photo courtesy of Elizabeth Jurgilewicz

For a brief look at some of WSPA's history, programs, projects and more, please select the link to our 40th Anniversary slide presentation just below.

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