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WSPA Annual Meeting 

The Canadian Lynx 

WSPA  - 6:30pm

Jill Kilborn  - 7:00pm

Canadian Lynx.jpg
Annual Meeting, Canadian Lynx: About Us

Jillian Kilborn is a wildlife biologist for NH Fish and Game in the Lancaster office. Much of Jill’s time is spent managing the Department’s largest property, the Connecticut Lakes Natural Area, in Pittsburg and Clarksville. She also works with a variety of wildlife and landowners throughout Coos County but has a focus on non-game species found in the northern part of the state including American marten and Canada lynx. Jill grew up in Coos County and enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including hunting, hiking, camping and canoeing.

Jill will be speaking about the historic and current distribution of lynx in NH and recent NH research which is being used to better understand lynx population dynamics in NH.

Prior to the program, the Weeks State Park Association will hold its annual meeting at 6:30 pm. All Association members are encouraged to attend.

Annual Meeting, Canadian Lynx: Text
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