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A Fall walk in our Park

Yesterday, October 16, was a perfect day for a hike up the auto road to the top of Mt. Prospect. On the ascent, the view of Martin Meadow Pond and beyond to Vermont from the West Overlook was particularly striking.

Although we're a bit past the peak of foliage season, there are still many opportunities to admire the leaves - both on the trees...

...and off.

On this day, our resident moose was being transferred to another location for a much needed facelift and other improvements. We'll seem him again next year.

Out moose friend and his impending cosmetic updates were still on our minds as we continued up the road close to the summit.

When we got to the Carriage House we elected to take our newly constructed trail, the Pat Nelson trail, over to the North Overlook. The dark profile of Cape Horn in Groveton was especially prominent.

There's an interesting view of the lodge that can be had by taking the Ken Jordan Nature Trail and crossing the location of the former tennis courts.

On the way down we captured a view of the fire tower. The Lodge and the Firetower are now closed for the season as is the auto road. But, hiking the auto road is an option throughout the year.

It's hard not to give a thought to the many guests who have stopped during the year at the Information Booth and were welcomed by Park Staff.

There was some beautiful foliage on display as we turned the corner near the park gate.

We noticed that our new kiosk is almost finished. We've missed having our kiosk a lot this year.

If you weren't able to catch the peak foliage days of last week, you'll still find plenty of beautiful fall scenes at the Park.

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