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Past Events 2021 - 2018

Past Events 2021 - 2018: Text

2021 Events:

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Cruising New Hampshire History
with Michael Bruno

July 22, 2021 7PM

Join Michael Bruno as he takes us from Pittsburg to Portsmouth and everywhere in between to enjoy the roadside markers of New Hampshire, through slides, and stories, and slices of history.  Michael gives us what we can’t read when we speed by at 50 or 60 miles per hour.  He slows down for us, and stops, and tells us what we missed.


Waterfalls of the White Mountains with Bruce Bolnick

July 29, 2021  7PM

The White Mountains of New Hampshire are home to many gushing, cascading waterfalls waiting to be discovered. Bruce Bolnick, author of Waterfalls of the White Mountains will present an evening of describing these waterfalls and guide us through our next excursion to the White Mountains.


Field Trip: Waterfalls of the White Mountains

July 30, 2021 9AM to 1PM

Bruce Bolnick, author of Waterfalls of the White Mountains and retired forester, Dave Govatski will lead a field trip to several nearby waterfalls. 

The hike will visit several White Mountain Waterfalls in Randolph, NH.  Total hiking distance on trails is 2 miles with a vertical climb of 500 feet in elevation. We will learn about the cultural and natural history of each waterfall and surrounding area.

Note: The number of hikers is limited, so please email and pre-register.  Include the word “Waterfalls” in the subject line, and details for the hike will be sent to you.  

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 Owls of New Hampshire 

(via Zoom)

August 5, 2021  7PM

Who calls in the night? Who glides on shadowy wings in silent flight? What makes owls such extraordinary night hunters? A Squam Lakes Natural Science Center naturalist will introduce you to three of our state's owls to help you find out what is myth or fact about these amazing nocturnal birds.

Participants in this event are limited, so sign up early. Send an email to the Weeks State Park Association, Include the word “Owls” in the subject line. On the day of the event, August 5th, we will send you the Zoom Link.


Garland Mill, Water-powered for 164 Years

August 12, 2021  7PM

Garland Mill is a rare survivor of the type of water-powered sawmills that flourished by the thousands in nineteenth-century New England. It has long been cited as the only commercial sawmill in New Hampshire that operates solely by waterpower.


Garland Mill Field Trip

August 13, 2021  4PM

Visit Lancaster’s incredible water-powered sawmill. Located “out east”, Garland mill was built 5 years before Abe Lincoln became president.

Join Dana and Ben Southworth as they show off their unique and historic treasure.

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WSPA Annual Meeting

August 19, 2021  6:30PM

Join us for the Weeks State Park Association's Annual Meeting.  The Public is invited to attend. Afterward, enjoy a concert of Celtic music.

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 Concert:  Islay Mist Céilidh

August 19, 2021  7PM

After a brief annual meeting we will be entertained by a unique group- Islay Mist Céilidh (pronounced Eye-lee and Kay-lee).

This is a remarkable group of musicians from Northern New Hampshire who play traditional Celtic music from Scotland, Ireland and maritime Canada. The members of the ensemble perform with fiddles, flutes and whistles, bodhráns, harps and guitars.


Autumn Flower Walk at Weeks State Park

Sept 12  1- 4PM

Fall is here and it is time to get outdoors to enjoy the signs of season’s-end.. Please join us for this free wildflower walk led by field ecologist and botanist, Matt Peters.

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     2020 Events:

             Cancelled Due to COVID-19

Past Events 2021 - 2018: Text
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