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A new trail added at Weeks State Park

Thanks to generosity of the Cohos Trail Association under the direction of its President, Susan Wentworth, we now have a new trail at Weeks State Park. The trail will be named the "Pat Nelson Trail" in honor of former WSPA President and WSP Manager, Pat Nelson.

The trail begins at the parking lot of the carriage house. Susan and a few helpers began preparation work last week in advance of the October 1-2 weekend when a dozen or so volunteers came to build the trail.

The volunteers were a very experienced group consisting of Susan Wentworth, Dave Govatski WSPA's Bill Ghelli, a former US Forest Service trail crew member, a former Seabee and many others. It probably should not seem surprising, then, that the trail was virtually completed by the end of the weekend. All that remains to be done is a little touch up work.

Along with the trail builders, WSPA President Sally Pratt and fellow board members, Nancy DeCourcey, Linda Scherf and Susie Short were on hand to provide refreshments for the crew.

The trail begins at the northern edge of the parking lot. It is currently marked with orange blaze tapes.

It's a sweet walk through a winding wooded path.

On Thursday, October 6, we came across these local hikers who had already discovered the trail - sister and brother - Susan Swope of Guildhall and Gerry Keene of Stark and their doggies - Bella and Supai.

It was an especially beautiful fall morning. This trail offers a quiet, getaway opportunity when the Park might be a little busy as it was this day.

It's not a difficult hike at all. There is only one hilly section to negotiate.

Of course, as with any hiking trail, it takes a lot of effort and expertise to build a good one. Here are some of the volunteers from last weekend hard at work. Photo courtesy of Dave Govatski.

Before long, up a short rise, lies the observation platform at the North Overlook - the termination of the Pat Nelson Trail.

Here is a view of that section from last weekend courtesy of Dave Govatski.

This last section, as it approaches the observation platform, is especially attractive and even a bit exciting or perhaps it's realizing that the magnificent views of the north country are awaiting!

And there it is! Our beautiful north country in Autumn. We realized, after walking this new trail, that this is perhaps now the shortest and quickest route to this magnificent viewpoint. It should take about 10 - 15 minutes but it's hard not to dally and admire the woods along the way.

Thank you so much to Susan Wentworth and the Cohos Trail Association for volunteering to build this new trail. And thanks to the many volunteers who provided their expertise and hard work to accomplish this work so quickly and efficiently.

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1 Comment

Betty Fleming
Betty Fleming
Oct 09, 2022

Thank you so much for honoring Pat Nelson by naming this trail for her! She loved Weeks State Park. She also loved hiking New Hampshire. This is very special to me as well as my Mom would be happy to see this.

Thank you again,

Betty Fleming

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