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Don't miss our 1st summer program at the Summit Lodge - this Thursday, June 30 at 7pm.

The Nansen Ski Jump (aka Big Nansen), built in 1937, hosted every meaningful ski jumping event in the country before being shut down in 1985, and coming, oh so close, to being gone forever. It’s being resurrected!

The ”Little Nansen”, a smaller jump, shown at the right of the Big Nansen, and the “L’il Nansen”, a beginner’s jump (not in this picture), were built this past fall and played host to two competitive events, to great acclaim and large crowds. Ski jumping is back!

On the way up to jump, the structure looms out from the trees.

Up close, the sight of the jump is stunning. The jumpers must climb the stairs at the left to the top. There's no elevator - at least not yet.

And what a wonderful view! (but this view is not from the very top - those stairs were a bit too intimidating for this photographer). In its historic past, co-presenter Shawn Costello said the fields in the distance were totally filled with cars from the many visitors and participants who would flock here for events.

That's Shawn at the base of this towering ski jump. It's over 170 feet high - the tallest jump in NH, for sure.

There's more work to be done on Little Nansen and down below as well. On the far right is the "L'il Nansen" beginner's jump.

The story of the Nansen Ski Club is fascinating and one you won't forget. Come out to the park to hear it in detail from our expert presenters, Scott Halvorson and Shawn Costello. It's great that this Club has brought this historic site back to life with plans to build more into a future that looked very dark not so many years ago.

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