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First Day Hike a Blast!

Weeks State Park returns as a host for this much anticipated and well-loved event.

It's quite a job to set this all up.

People are lining up early.

Park Manager Rachel Bruce has shoveled a path to the top of Mt. Prospect? Well, not exactly.

The parking lot is already full a half hour before the start.

There's a lot of stuff to put out: keepsake mugs, cups for hot chocolate, snacks and treats for doggies, of course, and more.

The people are really beginning to pour in now.

Linda Scherf and daughter, Laura, test out the frame for photographs.

Look what you've started Linda, now everyone wants a photo taken.

Doggies jump in as well.

How about letting a Dad get in on the action?

All the hikers can take home this wonderful, large mug...

...except the Ghellis who were a bit late. Only kidding. We have enough for you guys as well.

Chief of NH Historic Sites, Andrew Cushing trucked the wood in for our fire. Thanks Andrew, the warm fire was certainly appreciated by everyone.

It's about a mile and a half to the top of Mt. Prospect. The snow makes it more difficult to climb but these folks have made the trek in very good time and they're still smiling. Good work.

There's plenty of hot chocolate at the end of the trail for everyone thanks to Brent Wucher and Andrew Cushing. It sure hits the spot after a 3 mile hike in winter.

A little yoga after the long hike? Why not, says Laura?

Thanks so much NH Parks for bringing the First Day Hike event back to Weeks State Park this year. Thank you NH Parks and your Parks Staff - Eric Feldbaum, Andrew Cushing, Rachel Bruce and Brent Wucher. Thanks to the Weeks State Park Association volunteers Linda Scherf, Nancy DeCourcey and Lynne Holland who helped with refreshments, registration, picture taking and more. And thank you to the many people (130) and doggies (34) who came out to enjoy the First Day Hike at the Park. It was a wonderful way to begin 2022. Happy New Year everyone!

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