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Job is done!

The new observation platform at the north overlook is complete.

It's cold and rainy today - a lot different from last week's perfect weather.

It doesn't matter what the weather is, this gang is full of smiles. Of course a canopy helps things.

Rain and cold and fallen leaves and, oh, yes, mud too!

We almost forgot about the benches.

Here a long bench...with an armrest. That's a nice touch.

And another one.

And a third bench. The gang is deciding who gets to carry the wet canopy back to the van.

But, how about a group picture on the observation deck? Left to right: Hanneke, George, Emily and Graham.

This is their creation! It's a beautiful design that visitors will enjoy for many years to come. Thank you so much NorthWoods Stewardship group. And thank you to Patricia Nelson, former WSP Manager and former President - Weeks State Park Association, whose generous bequest funded this project. Thanks also to Dave Govatski who spearheaded this effort. All pictures in this final Blog about the project are courtesy of Dave. Many thanks as well to Scout Troop 218 from Jefferson who lugged all of the lumber to the site. Thanks as well to Rachel Bruce and her staff for working so hard on this project, especially Scout Master, Kim Perry, who arranged for the help from the Scouts. Thanks also to Andrew Cushing and Jesse Zacrow from Parks for pitching in as well. Finally, thank you Sally Pratt and the Weeks State Park Association for making Pat Nelson's dream of enhancing the visitor's experience at the Park a reality.

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Betty Fleming
Betty Fleming
19 oct. 2021

So happy to see this completed. I do hope that you have plans for some kind of ramp to get up the step for handicapped people. I am sure Pat Nelson would be pleased.

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