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Lancaster Elementary School grade 4 visits the park.

Weeks State Park Manger, Rachel Bruce, submits the following report:

On Thursday, June 16, Weeks State Park had an incredibly fun day hosting Lancaster Elementary School’s 4th grade class! The enthusiastic, helpful, and attentive students, along with their incredible teachers, Miss. Candra Hicks and Mrs. Heidi Vestal, enjoyed a 1.83-mile hike from the park’s ski lot to the summit of Mount Prospect.

At the summit, students enjoyed learning about John Wingate Weeks, the Weeks’ Law, and they learned about the active fire watch and observation tower including the Osborne Fire Finder. Students identified local landmarks, mountain ranges, learned about altruism, hiked the Ken Jordan Nature Trail, visited the North Overlook, and finally, students learned why it is so important to respect, as well as give back to nature.

The skilled New Hampshire State Park Guides at Weeks State Park supported the experiential learning sessions with 3 rotating stations. The learning stations included: a tour of the John Wingate Weeks House Museum; a tour of the tower and a lesson on the use of the Osborne Fire Finder; and a book read and discussion about The Giving Tree by author Shel Silverstein.

Students then worked collaboratively and cooperatively together planting vibrant flowers in the flower beds located in the front of the museum. The house museum is the former summer home of John Wingate Weeks.

We hope Miss. Candra Hicks and Mrs. Heidi Vestal, along with Ms. Erika Proulx, and Mrs. Janine Holmes, will bring their new 4th grade classes to Weeks State Park next season, as the teachers and students were totally amazing!!

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