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Migratory Bird Day Walk held at Weeks State Park (and Martin Meadow Pond)

WSPA's annual Migratory Bird Day Walk took placed on Thursday, May 16th. David Govatski was our leader once again and distributed the poster for this year's theme - by protecting insects you are also protecting birds.

WSPA has been sponsoring a large project to beautify the park by planting large amounts of native shrubs and trees. These were in evidence right from the beginning where numerous rose bushes are now in place around the border of the parking lot and hydrangea plants have been placed along the entrance to the auto road.

We had very good bird viewing weather throughout the morning - no rain and very little wind with comfortable temperatures. We saw and/or heard 37 species on the walk including a Tennessee Warbler which we believe is a first for the park. David Govatski has populated our count by species:

The clouds made for some interesting views from the overlooks.

This is one of several large native crabapple trees that have been planted. These plantings and numerous others being added to the gardens at the summit and throughout the park have been funded by a generous bequest from the estate of Deborah Arsenault.

Our birdwalk is also a perfect opportunity to admire spring ephemerals such as this red trillium. It reminds us that our Spring flowerwalk, led by Botanist, Matt Peters, will take place on Sunday, June 2, from 1-4 in the afternoon.

After returning to the parking lot at the bottom of Mt. Prospect, several of the bird enthusiasts made a trip to nearby Martin Meadow Pond where a count of 36 species was made including a beautiful pair of curious loons who swam from far out on the pond to come quite close to us.

Here is the list of birds spotted at Martin Meadow Pond:

For a final treat, some of us were witness to a bald eagle flyover. A wonderful event, as always. Thanks so much to David Govatski and to everyone who came out to enjoy this walk and who shared so much of their expertise in spotting and distinguishing our birds and their songs.

We're very excited for the re-opening of the park this year on Friday, May 24 - Memorial Day weekend. The amount of new plantings and the extensive landscaping and cleanup projects are making our park sparkle.

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