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New observation platform nearly complete at North Overlook

After the hard-working Jefferson Scout Troop 218 kids lugged an enormous amount of heavy lumber to the North Overlook work site (mostly 16ft boards), a mysterious van showed up at the Park the following day - Tuesday, October 12. It belonged to our "Gang of Four" workers from the NorthWoods Stewardship Center in East Charleston, VT. If you hike around these parts - especially in the Pondicherry Silvio Conte Wildlife Preserve, you've probably run into these folks because they've done all sorts of great trail work.

The first part of the job was a bear - preparing the ground for the platform's footings. It's hard work. (Photo courtesy of Dave Govatski)

It's a robust structure they've erected with a bit of a cantilever design.

The framework has certainly impressed Dave Govatski as he tips his cap to the crew.

It's a nice piece of construction in a beautiful setting.

The 2 x 12 inch joists are added next. (photo courtesy of Dave Govatski)

The floorboard that George is carrying is also 2 x 12 inch and 16 foot long. No wonder the Scouts were a bit tired after Monday's slumber...oops, lumber party.

With the floor done, the crew now turns its attention to the railings.

Work upside down? No problem for Hanneke and Emily.

Dave is taking orders. Let's see - pepperoni, plain? No, actually he's taking an order for even more lumber! But, don't worry, Scouts, we have a couple of volunteers from WSPA to handle this - Abi Medina and Billl Ghelli. Thanks, guys.

Did someone just say pepperoni?

View from below. Left to right: Graham, Dave, Hanneke, and Emily. Oh, George is there as well at the back.

OK. The platform is pretty near complete but we need to be able to get to it and...oh, no! More footings that need to be dug.

The access to the platform is rather extensive but it sure will make getting there much easier and safer.

All the while, our clever construction crew of 4 from the NorthWoods Stewardship Center enjoys this magnificent scenery as a backdrop to their job. Thank you, George and Emily and Graham and Hanneke. Thousands of visitors for years to come will enjoy this scenery while perched on your handiwork, all of which was made possible by the thoughtful and generous bequest from former WSP Manager and former WSPA President, Patricia Nelson.

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