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Our first two summer programs are in the books!

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

We're off to a great start! On June 22nd, Doug Arion, PhD presented a program on the upcoming total solar eclipse that will happen in northern NH on April 8, 2024.

We knew that we were in for a wonderful presentation when Doug showed up well ahead of the 7 PM start and proceeded to set up a telescope with a special filter so that folks could view the sun and its activity. Doug explained that we were going to see the sun and to the top right of the image were able to view a solar "prominence" - a substantial (larger that earth) flaring of the sun that is unique because our sun is currently in a very active period.

In this photo, WSPA Director, Linda Gilmore is looking at the sun's image. Sally Pratt, WSPA President is awaiting her opportunity to view the sun and our presenter, Doug Arion, is at the right.

During the program Doug talked about this rare astronomical phenomenon from a surprising variety of different perspectives: scientific, economic, public safety, northern NH viewing path locations, tips on how to view and what to expect, etc. Doug emphasized that based on recent past history, Coos county residents will be staggered by the large number of people who will travel from all over the country and the world to view this eclipse.

The following slide gives sources for additional information on the total solar eclipse and related resources:

On June 29, Rachel Dandeneau came to the park to do a fascinating presentation about the effects that glaciers have had on New Hampshire's landscape.

On the left in the above photo, WSPA Director and very proud former teacher, Nancy DeCourcey, reviews some of the evening's plan with her ex-pupil and our presenter, Rachel Dandeneau.

Above is an example of a U-shaped valley, characteristic of glacial activity. Rachel had a similar photo of Crawford Notch that she had taken from Mt. Willard. This photo is of that notch from an adjacent mountain - Mt. Avalon.

Rachel is a dedicated professor of geology, and is especially passionate about her own NH White Mountains and her program had many photos and examples of glaciers and their effects. She talked about the above book as being one of her great sources of information. This wasn't surprising to Weeks State Park patrons because a few years ago the authors of this wonderful book came to the deliver a program which featured this book.

Rachel suggested a few other sources for those who might be interested.

Our upcoming program on July 6 is musician Ben Cosgrove in concert. We're expecting that Ben will draw a very large crowd. We suggest that if you're able to car pool, please use the parking lot at the entrance of the auto road and this will help alleviate congestion that could occur at the summit and along the auto road. Thank you.

For more information on our programs and schedule please visit the Event Details section of our website.

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