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Ready, Aim, Fire...your comments to us!

We've been working with our website hosting company to provide the ability for users to make comments on our Blogs. Basically, in order to make a comment you'll need to become a member of our website. It's not difficult and once you're a member all you'll need to do is log in. Just follow the steps in the short tutorial below.

After you select the blog you'd like to comment on, you'll see a window on the top right for logging/signing in. If you don't select this now, that's OK. Just read through the blog and scroll down to the very bottom of the screen where you'll see the comment section.

Write your comment and then go over to the right and select "publish." The following window will pop up:

If you've signed in previously select "log in." Otherwise choose how you'd like to sign up. Use your Facebook, Google or email passwords.

If you'd like your comment to be seen, select: "Confirm." "Maybe later" will only register your name as a member in our website. The comment will be lost.

That's all there is to it. We hope to be reading your comments soon. Give it a try. Thanks.

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