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Scouts to the rescue!

Monday, October 11, Scout Troop 218 from Jefferson, came to the Park to carry the lumber for the new North Overlook observation platform, from the lodge to the work site. Scout Master, Kim Perry, Assistant Scout Master John Hallerberg and Board members, Hank Dreyer and Craig Young provided guidance for some hard-working, high-spirited kids.

There was a lot of lumber! (photo courtesy of Rachel Bruce)

While the Perras lumber truck was unloading at the top of Mt. Prospect, our work crew was at the gate anxiously awaiting the arrival of the rest of their volunteers.

Oh wee oh, yo! Oh wee oh, yo!

A couple of the kids just dive right in.

These 2 x 12's are heavy!

No problem lifting for these Scouts.

Oh, man. There's still an awful lot of lumber left to be moved.

What we could use is some help from the Parks Department.

High Fives from Park Manager, Rachel Bruce!

Big smiles from all our rescuers.

"OK, guys, on this next load, I have a better idea ..."

At the North Overlook, the lumber is starting to pile up.

Andrew Cushing and Jesse Zacrow pitched right in as well. Jesse is in charge of NH Parks volunteers and today, guess what, she was "volunteered" as well. Only kidding. Thanks Andrew and Jesse. It's great to see the State Parks folks pitching in.

It was a lot of work but our gang still found time to enjoy the amazing autumn scenery at the Park.

The panoramic view from the North Overlook is stunning. We can't wait to take in this view from the new observation platform. Construction begins today, October 12th. We'll keep you posted on the progress.

Meanwhile, thanks so much to all who volunteered. Thank you scouts from Troop 218. You were awesome.

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