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Snow has arrived!

One of the great joys that can be experienced in the Park is a winter hike up the auto road. The many hikers that come to Mt. Prospect help pack down the snow so that usually the footing is surprisingly firm. And the winter views from the summit and the Outlooks are superb.

Mt. Cabot and the surrounding mountains sparkle with some fresh snow.

The Pliny range and the Presidentials seen from the East Overlook.

Just a few weeks ago the area at the lodge was in its autumn splendor.

What a difference!

Our new observation deck at the North Overlook received its first coat of snow.

Looking towards Vermont.

The first snow can often take us by surprise by the way it transforms our world so strikingly.

Even so, it might be a long time before the memories of this beautiful past autumn will be dimmed.

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