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The Eastern Coyote with Chris Schadler

Don't miss tomorrow evening's presentation (Thursday, July 7 at 7pm) on the Eastern Coyote. The forecast looks great. Come early to the summit of Mt. Prospect and enjoy a picnic and the spectacular views from the fire tower and the summit house. Explore the grounds and perhaps take a short, 10 minute walk to our new observation platform at the North Overlook.

Myths surround the coyote and cloud our understanding of it. Learn the true story of the eastern coyote – how and when it arrived in New England, how it lives among us but is rarely seen and how it contributes to keep our forests and fields healthy.

Chris Schadler, M.S., Conservation Biology, is the NH and VT Representative for Project Coyote, a national organization promoting coexistence with coyotes. Chris co-founded the NH Wildlife Coalition, a wildlife advocacy group of scientists who also aim to broaden public input into wildlife decision-making.

You can read more about the program on the Events Detail section on this website.

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