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The park is open for 2024!

There has been an amazing amount of beautification work going on in preparation for this season's opening. Yesterday, May 24, was especially pretty on Mt. Prospect.

It seemed that columbines could be spotted everywhere at the summit. Reminder: our spring flowerwalk with Matt Peters will take place on Sunday afternoon, June 2, 1-4.

Speaking of summer events, check out our free 2024 WSPA programs on this website for the schedule and descriptions. You can even print out a schedule from there if you like.

At the sharp turn, just below the East overlook, a familiar shortcut has now been updated to an actual path, with additional topping material and the installation of a bench from which to view the new half dozen crabapple trees that were recently planted.

We've very excited for this upcoming season. We anticipate significant work to be done to the tower and summit house this year. The first week or so in June our kids from Lancaster Elementary will be here for a few days to take some of their classes at the park and to help with the flower plantings. Hope to see you soon.

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