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The Trails are Clear!

This was a typical scene on our Around the Mountain and Davidge path trails...until last Monday when an all-star team of Park Staff, volunteers and Jefferson Boy Scout Troop 218 cleared away 58 trees, assorted brush and weeds!

Park Manager, Rachel Bruce and her staff spent a lot of time planning this operation. Here Rachel is conferring with volunteer Normand Lacroix.

Park Staffers Justin Wentworth and Joe Phillips are all set to go in their special utility vehicle.

Park Staffer and Troop 518 Scoutmaster Kim Perry can't wait to get going.

Meanwhile Connor Perry is fine tuning one of the weed whackers while he waits for the rest of Troop 218 to arrive.

And here they come now - led by Boy Scout Board member Craig Young. Front left is Lance Labens and on the right is Justin Lemming. Behind Lance is Eric Young and to his left Kayden Kaddy. One trooper had not yet arrived when this photo was snapped - Gavin Gardiner.

There's a lot of work for the chain saw gang. Here Normand Lacroix is hard at work cutting through one of the 58 trees that had fallen in a storm a couple of months ago.

Joe looks right at home here as well.

Fortunately, the chain saw gang doesn't have to worry about removing the wood they cut because tossing these large pieces of wood aside is child's play for our super strong Weeks State Park Association Board Member, Abi Medina.

Meanwhile our lopper and brush-dragging gang is busy cleaning up the remains.

There's also a lot of weed whacking that has to be done. Thanks, Justin.

Rachel Bruce thought this discovery in the roots of an overturned tree summed up the day's activities perfectly.

The Around the Mountain Trail is approximately 3 miles in length and add another quarter mile (with elevation) for the Davidge Path and that's a lot of territory to clear. An enormous amount of work was accomplished and we're sure that our hikers will be thrilled to, once again, have clear paths to walk.

Thank you so much Park Staff, volunteers and Jefferson scout troop 218.

(photos of the trail work are courtesy of Rachel Bruce)

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