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This week's program: Ben Kilham will talk about black bears.

Renowned wildlife biologist, Ben Kilham, returns to our Park to talk about his firsthand experience studying black bear behavior. For more than 25 years Ben has been raising and rehabbing orphaned, injured and abandoned cubs with the goal of reintroducing them to the wild. He has successfully accomplished this with over 300 bear cubs from the KIlham Bear Center in Lyme, NH.

This program has attracted record crowds in the past. Please come early if possible. Our parking at the top of Mt. Prospect is rather limited. If you're coming with friends please consider a carpool. If you're in good walking shape, please consider parking farther down the mountain at either the lot at the hairpin turn or even the East Overlook. Thank you.

Find more information about the program on this website "Event Details."

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