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Rocks and Minerals of the White Mountains

Elaine Swett and Will O’Brien

July 13, 2023   7:00 pm

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Did you know that over 50 different minerals including smoky quartz and amethyst crystals have been discovered in the White Mountain National Forest? Did you know that there is gold in NH?

This program will inspire you to get out and enjoy recreational mineral collecting and gold panning in the White Mountains. Local experts Elaine Swett and Will O’Brien will speak of the minerals and crystals that can be found in the White Mountains.  Will O’Brien will display his backpack of “Rock Hound” tools, and his large collection of minerals. They will discuss the three designated mineral collecting sites in the White Mountain National Forest and give you tips on tools and techniques to be a successful “Rock Hounder”.

Elaine Swett is a minerals technician for the US Forest Service. She manages and maintains mineral collecting sites and gold panning areas in the White Mountain National Forest.

Through the years she has conducted numerous presentations and Conservation Education programs with people of all ages. From lifelong “rock diggers” to first time mineral collectors, she enjoys interacting with the public and sharing her passion for rocks and minerals.

Will O'Brien is a mineral prospector and the founder of the New Hampshire & Maine Mineral School Program through the US Forest Service at the Androscoggin District Ranger Station in Gorham N.H. Will is also the Program Coordinator for the Presidential Mineral and Gem Society. Will has dedicated his life to the study of rocks and minerals.

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