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Live Concert at the Lodge

Ben Cosgrove

July 6, 2023  7pm

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Live Concert at the Lodge: About Us

photo credit: Caitlin Tam

Ben Cosgrove is a traveling composer, pianist, and multi-instrumentalist from New England. He travels constantly all over the country, performing a unique variety of original instrumental music that explores themes of landscape, geography, and environment while straddling a line between folk and classical music.

Throughout his career, the strongest forces guiding Ben’s composition and performances have been his deep and abiding interests in landscape, geography, place, and environment. For years, he has been fascinated and inspired by the different ways people understand and interact with the landscapes around them.

His latest album is The Trouble with Wilderness, a lush, textured, and expansive set of twelve new songs that consider the role of nature and wildness in the built environment.

Ben’s career has included artist residencies and collaborations with Acadia, Isle Royale, Glacier, and Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Parks, White Mountain National Forest, the Schmidt Ocean Institute, the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, Chulengo Expeditions, NASA and the New England National Scenic Trail, as well as solo performances in 49 states (all but Delaware).

Ben also writes short nonfiction, and his essays about sound, art, landscape, and place have been published by numerous publications.

He is a former Middlebury Fellow in Environmental Journalism, in which capacity he researched and wrote about the relationship between sense of place and the conservation of natural soundscapes in national parks.

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