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The Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail:
It's more than a bike route, it's an adventure!

Marianne Borowski

August 17, 2023  7pm

The Cross NH Adventure Trail - Bikes: About Us

Take an 83 mile ride across the northern New Hampshire landscape on the Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail. Call it the xNHAT, for short. This 83 mile, mostly off-road bicycling route stitches together dirt rail trails, dirt roads and backroads for an adventurous bike route across the northern New Hampshire landscape.

Travel from the Connecticut River in Woodsville, NH to Bethel, Maine through forests and farmlands, alongside rivers, ponds and streams. Partake in the hospitality of the 12 towns along way.

Our neighbors in Vermont started the momentum with the Cross Vermont Trail, working to create an offroad route to connect communities from Burlington to Wells River. Why not take this idea and continue the route across New Hampshire, and then keep going into Maine? No one likes to see a “Trail Ends” sign, so collaborate, connect and keep the route going!

How was this route created? What makes it an “Adventure”? Where can one find information, maps, bike shops, shuttle services? B&B? Grand Hotel? Glamping? HipCamps? What are the collaborations required to get this route established, maintained and expanded? What is the “North Country Welcomes Bicyclists Program”? Can I walk, run or cross country ski the xNHAT?

Come to the presentation and find out! And check out our website, at Want to do a part of the xNHAT? Join us on a bike ride on Friday, August 18th for a guided journey on a gloriously scenic section of the xNHAT.

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