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New Hampshire on Ice:
How Glaciers affected our Topography

Rachel Dandeneau

June 29, 2023  7pm

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Come learn about the most recent glaciers in New England and how they helped shape the mountains and valleys we know and love! We will be talking about how some notable features in our area, such as the Connecticut River Valley and Tuckerman’s Ravine, were formed by glaciers. We will talk about the different types of glaciers, how they behave, and some other geologic features related to glaciation.

Rachel Dandeneau is a NH native, having been born and raised within less than 20 miles of the property she now calls home as an adult. Rachel attained a M.S. in Biology from Plymouth State University and had the luck and joy of working with NH Fish and Game for her master’s research on high elevation brook trout in the Nash Stream Watershed.

She attained her undergraduate degree from Lyndon State College (now Northern VT University) where she minored in geology. Rachel now teaches at White Mountains Community College in Berlin, NH, where she passes on her love and passion for the environment – geology included –to her students in the Environmental Science program.

She lives in Stark with her boyfriend, two young sons (who have acquired their mama’s habit of collecting rocks), two dogs, and a host of farm animals.

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