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A Once-in-Many-Lifetimes Opportunity: The 2024 Total Eclipse of the Sun

Dr. Doug Orion

June 22, 2023  7pm

2024 Solar Eclipse: About Us

April 8, 2024 will be a unique occasion for New Hampshire - a total eclipse of the Sun will cross the northern portion of the state. What happens during an eclipse? How can you get to view it? What will you experience? What does this mean for the economy of the region? These and other aspects of the eclipse - including the science of the Sun and eclipses, will be addressed in this talk.

 Douglas Arion, PhD, is the founder and director of Mountains of Stars, a public science outreach and education program that engages the public with ‘environmental awareness from a cosmic perspective’. Nearly 70,000 members of the public have participated, and over 400 students, nature guides and educators have been trained in science communication.

He is Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy and Donald D. Hedberg Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Entrepreneurial Studies at Carthage College. Previously, he was assistant vice president and head of the Applied Physics and Engineering Division of Science Applications International Corporation.

He co-founded Galileoscope to provide high-quality, low-cost telescopes for worldwide promotion of science education. Arion also led the effort to create the AMC Maine Woods International Dark Sky Park, which protects some 100,000 acres in Maine – the last substantial dark sky region in the eastern 2/3 of the US.

This event is being generously sponsored by The Granite Grind of Lancaster, NH.

2024 Solar Eclipse: Text
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