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An Angler's Almanac

Andy Schafermeyer and Colby Denison

August 10, 2023  7pm

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New Hampshire Fishery Biologists Andy Schafermeyer and Colby Denison will provide a seasonal look at sport fishing opportunities in New Hampshire - from January ice fishing, through bass fishing on hot August days, to fall days chasing spawning trout under the foliage.

Lesser-known fish species of the North Country will also be examined, with discussion of their general biology and conservation status. Details such as life cycles, preferred food sources, and management plans will provide a better understanding of our roles as Natural resource managers.

Andy and Colby are both avid anglers in constant pursuit of fishing adventures all over the United States.

Andy Schafermeyer recently retired after a 29-year career as a Fisheries Biologist with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. His new role is as a Field Specialist in Outdoor Education and Recreation with the University of New Hampshire.

Colby Denison is just beginning his career as a Fisheries Biologist with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department (started Feb 2023), based out of the Region 1 office in Lancaster. His personal and professional interest in fisheries has taken him all over the US, and he is excited to be back in his home state managing the fisheries that originally sparked his passion in the field.

 This event is made possible by a generous donation in the memory of Joe Beliveau.

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