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Cruising New Hampshire History

Michael Bruno

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Cruising New Hampshire History: About Us

Join Michael Bruno as he takes us from Pittsburg to Portsmouth and everywhere in between to enjoy the roadside markers of New Hampshire, through slides, and stories, and slices of history.  Michael gives us what we can’t read when we speed by at 50 or 60 miles per hour.  He slows down for us, and stops, and tells us what we missed.    And we miss a lot. 

In 1958, the first roadside marker — numbered #0001 — was installed in New Hampshire. So began the roadside remembrance in the northernmost New Hampshire town of Pittsburg, where white letters on a black metal tablet read: #0001 Republic of Indian Stream.

Michael Bruno of Bethlehem, wrote the comprehensive “Cruising New Hampshire History: A Guide to New Hampshire’s Roadside Historical Markers.” Bruno tracked down the state’s first 255 official roadside historical markers, a number that continues to grow. The state program is jointly managed by the N.H. Division of Historical Resources and the N.H. Department of Transportation.

Cruising New Hampshire History: Text
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